Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raining Big on March 2, 2011

The diameter of the raindrops reached one centimeter this morning on the way to school.  "It is raining big," observed my international student friend.  Every moment is a lesson so we begin gently with "Here we usually say it is raining hard".  He repeats and I repeat and the word hard begins to work on me.  We talk of the way that "huh" sound comes from the belly.  Today, the lesson is hard for even his core muscles hurt from the work out yesterday at track and field practice.  Lovely to think of this fifteen year old boy so far from home taking on "hard".  It comes to him in rain, in school, in body and in brain but he does not despair.  Instead he sheds sunshine in my car and laughs at his mistakes joking his way towards understanding.


  1. I love the line "It's raining big." It's too bad he has to learn to day it the correct way!

    Nice slice

  2. A new appreciation for our English language! Good for you recognizing his challenges and good for him that he can laugh with you.

  3. This reminds me of some second language students who said "Strong work" instead of great work. I love that idea of big rain and indeed, we did have some big rain out there today!

  4. "sheds sunshine"...I love this imagery: it's bright and warm