Monday, March 7, 2011

The List. March 7, 2011

Today, the list was shortened.  Funny how I like to run from that list but running never makes it shorten.  Cancelled appointments made room for arranging doctor visits, gifts, haircut and the work of teaching words.  Tonight we studied "guilty" and talked of being guilty, feeling guilty and the fact that I can be guilty but not feel it.  I always feel it.  That nagging, incessant voice that says you should have done those jobs last week.  Just doing the list has taken down the feeling and left me lightened.  Next, we spoke of "character" that role or part someone plays in a book or movie.  But it is also that part of me that tells the world the kind of person that I am.  As we discuss this meaning it strikes me that more and more I want to be the one who does the list.  Is getting stuff done a trait?

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  1. I feel like my list is chasing me too. And it doesn't take too much to get off track does it?