Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Boom March 5, 2011

Saturday.  The long, lovely, morning coffee and quiet conversation with my daughter.  Luxury of time to sit in the midst of love eating peanut butter toast.  Moving slowing towards a leisurely shopping trip then looking, checking, rejecting and finally buying a few clothes that should work.  Lunch at Boom Noodle where I read that, "In Japan today there is a popular term, “my boom” that means, “The thing I am currently obsessed with.”  Although the restaurant is currently obsessed with noodles and fresh ingredients "my boom" is the daughter and the husband with whom I share this meal.  My boom is not transient but rooted in my enduring joy in belonging to these two and they to me.

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  1. Language is so fun - I want to think about what my current "boom" is.